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Coconut Court Beach Hotel



An Introduction to the Barbados


The island of Barbados is a nation located in the Caribbean.  In fact, it is the easternmost island in the Caribbean and is completely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and not touched by the Caribbean Sea.  Barbados is approximately 62 miles east of the Windward Islands and 250 miles north-east of Trinidad and Tobago.  The island exudes a reputation for being sophisticated and casual, warm and friendly, and always distinctly charming.  The island itself is very beautiful, with a variety of art, activities, nightlife, music, history, and some of the best restaurants to be found anywhere!

Coconut Court Beach Hotel is located directly on a large, secluded white sandy beach with protected swimming and within walking distance to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison area.  St Lawrence Gap, a nearly mile long stretch of road which is famous for its fine dining, lively nightlife, and excellent shopping, is also a short distance away.  This charming and Bajan styled hotel offers 112 rooms including Standard, Ocean View, Ocean Front, Ocean View Studios, Superior Ocean Front, and Island View Apartments.

Scuba diving in Barbados is a must and Barbados Blue Water Sports is the premiere environmental dive facility in Barbados.  Barbados is one of the few islands in the Caribbean where you can dive literally year-round!  Divers can enjoy warm water temps varying from 84 degrees F in the summer months to 77 degrees F in the winter months.  Skins are typically worn during the summer months of July-September.  You may want to put on a 3 mm Shorty in the winter.  Dive sites range from historic shipwrecks in Carlisle Bay to offshore reefs that surround the island.  Perhaps the most famous shipwreck is The Stav, or Stavronikita, a 365 foot Greek freighter which caught fire in1796 while in route from Ireland to the Caribbean.  The vessel was anchored in Carlisle Bay until 1978 when she was intentionally sunk by the US Navy.  Carlisle Bay Marine Park is also an excellent site for divers of all levels of experience.  The park features 6 shipwrecks roughly marked out underwater by old cannons, anchors, and pylons which lead the way from one wreck to the next.   Here you will also find a great diversity of marine life including sea horses, rays, octopus, reef squid, moray eels, and more.

Barbados Blue has 2 Marine Biologists on staff and over 27 years of combined Marine conservation work and they go above and beyond dive shop operations by being involved in marine conservation and restoration.  Barbados Blue is continuously combining the teaching of diving with the evaluation, monitoring, protection, and education of tropical reed and coastal ecosystems.  Your diving experience with Barbados Blue will not just be diving but an unforgettable learning experience.  They are also a PADI Project Aware Coral Watch Dive Operator and they regularly monitor coral reefs and submit data to provide critical information on coral bleaching and other ecological issues.  All of their boat engines are four-stroke low emission engines and weekly servicing is done to keep the cruisers as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible.  They use permanent moorings as opposed to dropping anchor and all oil and beverages containers are recycled.


Photos courtesy of Coconut Court Beach Hotel and Barbados Blue Water Sports


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An Introduction to Barbados

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