Liveaboards, Maldives – Carpe Novo

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Carpe Novo

Maldives, Liveaboards


The Carpe Novo is Carpe Diem Cruises newest boat. Carpe Novo was built and began operations on March 26, 2016. The Carpe Novo is another upgraded sistership of the Carpe Diem and has been built in the Maldives by the same person, Amir Mansoor, who built the Carpe Diem and the Carpe Vita. The Carpe Novo is bigger than the Carpe Diem and even slightly bigger than the Carpe Vita, catering for a maximum of 22 people in 12 cabins divided over 3 decks thus providing more space. The Carpe Novo like her two “sisters” caters for dedicated scuba diving, wave surfing, and fishing trips for both individuals as well as groups.

The Carpe Novo, like the Carpe Diem and the Carpe Vita, provides 3 dives per day as standard.


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