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Imagine yourself on a spectacular ‘flying start’ by aircraft to Lizard Island. On the way you will have a birds-eye view of the Great Barrier Reef. Half of your 150 mile flight is at a very low 600 feet above the sites you will dive along the Great Barrier Reefs continental shelf. A truly spectacular beginning to your adventure.

Lizard Island

See where the famous English navigator James Cook climbed in 1770 to find a way out of the labyrinth of reefs. Naturalist Joseph Banks lamented in his log that he had too little time to study the wealth of strange creatures he saw in the waters of the Great Barrier Reef. Will you have space in your log to record the wealth of creatures you find?

This 55 mile chain of reefs from Lizard Island to Cooktown is the most prized dive region of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. This is where you can see more of the Great Barrier Reefs 1500 fish and 400 coral species than elsewhere.

The currents that channel between the ribbon reefs attract bigger fish population than elsewhere. Marine life encounters range from pygmy seahorses to manta rays and whales. The Great Barrier Reef has 9 species of anemone fish, 43 species of butterfly fish, 1001 species of nudibranch, and 6 of the worlds 7 turtle species…

Cod Hole

One of the Great Barrier Reefs most amazing phenomenons awaits you at the Cod Hole. Swim with, ‘small diver size’ or ‘giant fish size’ potato cod. Spend the dive amongst shallow sunlit coral gardens of acropora coral or venture deeper into the parallel gullies forming the front of the reef where huge Queensland groupers face into the current.

The Coral Sea

Your Osprey Reef adventure builds to a climax with a spectacular shark dive at North Horn. You will see 10-30 grey reef sharks, white-tip reef sharks as well as other species. You can photograph these sleek high order predators at close- range, or not so close, you choose! Off the deep wall solitary hammerheads are regularly seen, schools are occasionally seen.

This is just part of what is on offer and if this has peaked your interest contact us today and we can tell you about the different dive packages available – this includes 3, 4 and 7 night packages and special itineraries such as Minke Whale Expeditions, Turtle Spectacular, Far Northern Reefs and Yongala Wreck Expeditions.

Most of the trips are spent on board “Spoilsport”, Australia’s most Awarded live aboard.

Vessel features include:

  • Length 30m (100ft); Beam 10m (36ft); Speed 15 knots,
  • Passenger average 20 (max 28) Crew 11,
  • Twin hull’s reduce seasickness and maximizes stability, space and privacy,
  • Twin or double cabins, most with ocean views. Daily cabin service,
  • Spacious: dining room; lounge; alfresco deck and sundeck,
  • Sensational chef prepared meals and in-between meal snacks,
  • Complimentary soft drinks and Australian wines (with dinner),
  • A choice of hot beverage with your early morning wake-up call.

Spoilsport Dive Services:

  • Complimentary Reef Ecology Program,
  • Low key photo comp on every expedition,
  • Huge dive deck with convenient entry/exit platforms,
  • Photographer friendly with 3 large camera tables,
  • ‘Open dive deck’ allows flexible dive planning,
  • 3 dive sites per day is normal,
  • Underwater photography and video services,
  • Nitrox available per fill or for entire expedition,
  • PADI instruction: Advanced, Nitrox, Self-Reliant Diver, Deep Diver
  • Solo diving as per Mike Ball Safe Solo System,
  • 2 large inflatable’s for personalized dive service,
  • Technical diving service including rebreather

So what are you waiting for? Experience the Great Barrier Reef at it’s best today.

Photographs courtesy of Mike Ball Dive Expeditions


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