Baja and the Sea of Cortez, Mexico – Nautilus Explorer

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Nautilus Explorer

Baja and Sea of Cortez, Mexico

With hundreds of large, Liveaboard dive vessels worldwide to choose from, Nautilus prides itself by differentiating themselves by offering a recently built ship that was custom built for divers to the highest possible level of comfort and safety.  The layout utilizes every square foot of space efficiently and the crew ensures a clean vessel that runs exceptionally smoothly.  Comfort is the ultimate priority and that can be seen all around the ship – starting with construction of strong steel and extensive soundproofing.  The vessel’s hull form, passive stability system and bulbous bow provides for a remarkably easy ride while heavy-duty commercial grade systems ensure that you have a smooth-running voyage. A water level platform aft of the dive deck provides easy entry into dive skiffs, kayaks and Laser sailboat.

Ship Specifications:

  • 116′ long, 27′ wide
  • 11 – 12 mph cruise speed
  • Steel hull and superstructure for your safety
  • 7000 gallon fresh water capacity and 3600 gallons-per-day water maker allowing you to shower as often as you like
  • Quiet twin 70 kw gensets operating 24 hours per day with precise voltage and frequency control. Ship’s power is 110 volts ac , 60 Hz)
  • Air-conditioning and heating throughout

With every square inch used to its’ maximum potential, the Nautilus feels like a much larger ship than it actually is.  There are plenty of places to relax and read a book, chat with fellow divers, or work on images you shot the previous day with guest space spread across 4 levels of luxury.  On the lower deck you will find 8 Staterooms, and all have private heads with separate shower stalls, central air conditioning, and measure 90 square feet.  Two of the staterooms have large double beds and an additional storage area.  There is also one co-ed triple occupancy stateroom.

On the Main Deck, you will find the Dining Room, Main Salon, and Dive Deck.  The dining room features beautifully crafted cherry wood tables and large picture windows that allow the beautiful scenery an integral part of your dining experience.   Imaginative a fresh cuisine is a guarantee while onboard with typically up to 4 more a day.  Soups, bread, pastries, and desserts are all made fresh on board.  Nautilus offers a mix of buffet and table service with a menu that combines North American and European tastes and also a touch of Mexico.  The main salon is the social center of the ship with comfortable couches and more of the picture windows found in the dining room.  This is perfect place to relax after a long day of diving by reading a classic found in the extensive library or having a cocktail at the well-stocked bar.  The dive deck is found on the stern and can be configured to carry the 38’ skiff on northern expeditions or fitted with 24 diver stations on warm water trips.

The Hot Tub Deck features 3 Superior Suites, 1 Premium Suite, and of course, a hot tub!  The Superior Suites are approximately 140 square feet, air conditioned, and a private outside entrance.  All suites except the Dofleini, have convertible quasi-kings or double beds (Dofleini is a queen size and cannot be converted), hanging closet with shelves, and private washroom with shower.  The Premium Suite is located just behind the wheelhouse and features a large bedroom with a Queen bed, a lounge with a convertible futon, and large, ocean view windows.  It also includes two flat-screen televisions, air-conditioning, and a private washroom with shower and bath.   The spacious hot tub can also be found on this deck – and this is clearly one of the best seats in the house.  Relax with a glass of wine under the stars or soak after your dive for the ultimate in relaxation!  The Upper Sundeck features ample space to relax, read a book, or chat with friends all while surrounded by 180 degree views.

The Nautilus Explorer specializes in pampering small groups of scuba divers on unique adventures up and down the west coast of North America.  Destinations include Guadalupe Island, Socorro Island, the Sea of Cortez, and San Benitos Island and Baja California.  The newly launched sister ship to Nautilus Explorer, Nautilus Swell, is now embarking on adventures to British Columbia and Alaska.

Guadalupe Island is the top destination for Great White Shark encounters.  This small volcanic island is located in the Pacific, about 150 miles off the West Coast of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula.  The best way to see these magnificent creatures is to venture beneath the surface and interact with them on their own terms in a double-decker submersible cage.  Voyages are typically 5 nights/6 days with virtually unlimited shark dives.  Diving is done via surface supplied “hookah” with backup dive gear in each cage. Submersible cage dives are 30 minutes long and if you are a certified diver, you will have the opportunity to make 3 dives a day (dive time in the “suspended cage” and “surface cage” is unlimited).

Nautilus also offers 10-night and 15-night Guadalupe combo-trips.  10-night trips combine diving with the great white sharks at Guadalupe Island with scuba diving in the giant kelp forests of the California Channel Islands and San Benito Islands and other remote islands on the Pacific side of Baja California.  San Benito is the perfect combination with Guadalupe as it brings variety with the densely rich kelp beds which can be related to trekking in a dense jungle in Central America.  Seals, sea lions, silky and white tip reef sharks, tuna, and wahoo are just a few examples of the marine life you could encounter.

15-night expeditions take place in November and combine Guadalupe and San Benitos with the famous giant mantas and dolphins of Socorro Island.  The giant Pacific mantas are the largest of the rays and some believe they are the most majestic creatures in the ocean. They swim by moving their wing-like pectoral fins, which can grow up to 22 feet wide, but usually average about 16-19 feet!  A large local population of bottle nose dolphins will often mimic the characteristics of the rays, and engage with the divers.

The Clipperton Atoll and Socorro Island combo trip is 15 nights of true adventure.  Clipperton Atoll is virtually “off the map” and is a beautiful and very remote tropical coral atoll that has been visited by very, very few divers.  The atoll and lagoon are surrounded by a shallow barrier reef with a beautiful coral reef that descends down to a white sand bottom at 175 feet.  The number of dives on Clipperton depends on weather conditions but typically range from 15-19 dives.  Moral eels, Clipperton Angle fish, big schools of jacks, and even whale sharks are some of the encounters one could expect to see.

Ever wonder about rebreathing with big animals? The Nautilus Explorer is set up to support your wishes, and has four instructors on staff who can support the Inspiration, Evolution, KISS and Megalodon rebreathers. Advance planning will ensure all your needs are met and that your scrubber is waiting for your dives! Contact us for more information, or check out their FAQ sheet here.

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