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Blackbeard’s Cruises

Bahamas, Caribbean


An Introduction to the Bahamas


Does the real-world craziness make you feel like you are at the end of your rope? Try hanging out with Blackbeards Cruises instead! You will spend a week diving and relaxing in the warm waters of the Exuma Cays in the Bahamas! Do you love an adventure? Is meeting other like-minded travelers up your alley?   Shipmates are usually a motley crew of interesting folks from all over. You won’t know if the diver sitting next to you is a CEO or an average “Joe.” And the best part is … no one cares.   Divers enjoy sharing their stories, each other’s company, and the stunning views while cruising from one great dive site to the next…Blackbeard’s Cruises is known for the high camaraderie on board and the great diving!   If you like the outdoors, you’ll love the atmosphere on Blackbeard’s sloops!

By the end of the week, divers have usually logged 20 dives that are all unique and memorable in their own special ways.  The incredible variety of diving offered is unparalleled!  Dive on colorful reefs, walls, wrecks, flying drifts, and even experience a thrilling shark dive- all on one vacation!  Divers with all levels of experience are welcome.  The easygoing and relaxed attitude on board makes this diving cruise more than just a dive trip, it’s an adventure and life experience no one should miss!  Spend the week swashbuckling the Exuma Cays with our crew! It’s a no-brainer — all-inclusive format with dormitory-style cabins, picnic-style meals, all beverages (beer, wine, and rum, too) and all the diving will make this a trip to remember. 

Blackbeard’s liveaboard sailboats accommodate singles and couples in 4 air-conditioned cabin areas. Berths are single upper and lower, or double upper and lower, each with its own privacy curtain similar to a sleeperette on a train. She does not have private accommodations, all berths are dormitory style. Berths are 74″ in length, with doubles 48″ wide and singles 24″ to 36″ wide. 

Blackbeard’s 65 ft sailing sloops, the Morning Star & Sea Explorer have 18 bunks in dormitory-style cabins. Single & double berths in fully air-conditioned cabins will ensure a peaceful night’s sleep. Each sailboat is crewed with two captains, a dive instructor, an engineer, and a cook. The incredible variety of diving paired with the camaraderie you will develop among your fellow passengers combined with the low price are why Blackbeard’s slogan is “Twice the Fun, Half the Cost”. 

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